Please be advised that 'Vini Vici' will be unable to process any orders from the end of August 2016 whilst we take a trip overseas until early 2017. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to sharing our new discoveries with you soon!


Below are a selection of your most popular questions

Do you offer any incentives for repeat orders on wines?

Yes, we will be keeping a database of all customer orders and once we can see you have ordered wine from us,over 12 bottles ( 2 cases ), we will reward your loyalty  with either a discount on your next order, or a free bottle of our wine of the month!!

Can you source other bottles of wine for me, or is it only English you stock?

At the moment we are concentrating on what we do best, and what we have carefully selected over the last 6 months, which at the moment English wines.

But we are positive that with the business expanding over the course of time we would definitely like to add fine wines from other regions.

Can you help me select wines for my dinner party, never sure what food and wine pairings to choose?

Before you order the wines from our tasting notes, please feel free to email or call us and of course we would love to help

Do you sell food?

No, not at the moment, although I can never resist a fantastic cheese and biscuit when sampling out the new wines for our company portfolio, so who knows I may start adding them to website one day ( they never last very long in my fridge though!!)

Do you think English wines are the best?


Over the last 10 years English sparkling wines have won over 8 trophies for best international sparkling wine in prestigious global competitions, no other country has achieved this.

At Vini Vici we are positive once everyone in UK starts trying them you will never look elsewhere again, Michelin starred restaurants are adding them to their wine lists, just need to open our eyes, and mouths, to what's on our doorstep!

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