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About Lisa

“Lisa is a charming ,outgoing girl who always has a cheeky grin on her face, always happy to speak her mind, even when not asked!” (an excerpt from my school report age 7)

Not much has changed since I became a grown up, still asserting my opinions to anyone that will listen. I’m happily married now to Tony, and between us we seemed to have managed to create a gorgeous little girl of 4 called Mabel, Bob the fish, and Larry the labradoodle compliments family life superbly at our cottage near old town Leigh.

Wine is my passion, so seemed futile to resist the urge to do something about it on a professional basis, rather than just indulging my nocturnal hobby!

So here it is…after trekking over vineyards in Englands fine countryside this autumn, and trying their wines…”Vini Vici”, which is latin for “I wined, I conquered” was created…after all it all began with the romans….and I’m here to be a champion, hell, an ambassador for quality English wines to be enjoyed in bars, restaurants and with all you lot at home!!

Bold, elegant and bubbly, I aspire to be like our wines!!

Article From Enjoy Discovering Wine

Each month, Erica interviews one of Enjoy Discovering Wine‘s former WSET student’s and the article is featured here. This month Erica has interviewed former WSET Level 1 Student – Lisa Ayre

When you signed up for the WSET Level 1 Award in Wine course what did you want to have happen?

I have always been interested in unusual wines and where they are grown so I wanted to take this a bit further and expand my knowledge with the first step on a WSET course. Also with a view to potentially using this knowledge gained in a new business venture. I found the knowledge I have gathered from the WSET course invaluable, I am so much more confident in my choice at dinner with wine menus and particularly the information regarding matching food and wines, this was surprising at times on the day, and I still like scanning my notes on what different flavours can do to our palate and subsequently our enjoyment of wine.

With regard to matching food and wine, I was pleasantly surprised at how very much the right wine can absolutely change the taste of some foods. It was a great way to learn on the WSET day course, eating slivers of cheese, umami, salt, and other sweet and hot flavours… and then taking in turns to sample the fresh white wines, strong reds, and dessert wine etc… It has made me more adventurous when ordering dessert and cheeseboards, not always going for traditional Port (which I love incidentally), but mixing in some wonderful whites with the soft cheeses, and dessert wines too.

The WSET information is laid out in the handout in such a manner to make it really easy to learn more about all the basics on wine, starting with regions and grape variety. Also with the course being quite informal you are encouraged to interact with other delegates and indeed with the Tutor (Erica Dent AIWS), to make it easy and fun to expand your knowledge of wine.

Attending and passing the WSET course has given me the passion and confidence I needed to venture into the wine business!! I am currently obtaining my personal license and setting up relationships with private clients and local businesses after visiting many English vineyards, to provide top quality English wines, specializing in biodynamic and low sulphite fine wines. This is “Vini Vici “…which means ‘I wined, I conquered’…

I also intend to complete my WSET Level 2 in 2015. I am going to be busy doing something I love! WSET Level 2 will be a way for me to further my expertise and knowledge of wine, and who knows if all goes well, maybe continue my studies even further in 2016!

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